Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Giới thiệu

Education System: Regular University (Engineer)
Program: Standard
Program Director: Dr. Dang Tri Dung

The training program aims to train engineers with the ability to meet the needs of the labor market in the era of Industry 4.0. Students will gain practical experience in related research projects such as: design, manufacturing, control of robot systems, artificial intelligence, embedded system software/hardware and machine vision, automated manufacturing systems, intelligent machines, IoT.

Bachelor of Engineering in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (7480107)

Modern industries and high-tech companies are constantly applying automated or semi-automated systems, self-decision-making systems, quality control and safety in production processes. Therefore, graduates of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering program will have a great opportunity to apply for jobs with domestic and foreign employers in the fields of mechanics, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence… Positions that students can hold include: Production manager, R&D engineer, QA engineer at companies and multinational corporations manufacturing automated/robotic systems; Robot programming engineer at multinational companies that use automated and intelligent machinery systems; Production manager, production director, technical director, design engineer, production engineer, product development engineer at factories/companies with automated systems; High-tech startup founder; Manager/coordinator for digital transformation projects, product development and high-tech projects; Coordinate high-tech projects for organizations, companies, departments and agencies in and outside the country…

Admission Information

Registration code: 7480107-01

Admission group:
Admission based on academic performance according to the subject group:

  • A00
  • A01, D26, D27, D28, D29, D30, AH3
  • D01, D02, D03, D04, D05, D06, DD2
  • D07, D21, D22, D23, D24, D25, AH2

Admission based on the results of the 2024 high school graduation exam:

  • A00, A01, D01, D07

Target learners: Students who have graduated from high school

Admission requirements: According to the current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Training Regulations of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City