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On the morning of December 5, 2023, at Campus B – 279 Nguyen Tri Phuong, District 10, the Institute of Intelligent and Interactive Technologies – UEH College of Technology and Design (CTD-UEH) successfully organized the Kinetic Sand Table Exhibition for first-year students of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (engineering) program. This was a space to display products through Project-based Learning and to connect with leading Arttech experts for students right from their first year of university.

Overview of the exhibition

As a completely new program in 2023, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering draws special attention from parents, students, and especially technology experts due to its development potential and the importance of human resources. The curriculum is designed according to international standards and from the experience of leading universities in the fields of technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence. In particular, students will experience Project-based Learning, specifically in the robotics and artificial intelligence program with robot design, programming and analytical, and robot trajectory calculations. After more than 2 weeks of implementing and completing the project, kinetic sand table products with many unique designs and drawings were displayed at the Arttech exhibition.

Robotics & AI students with their first project at UEH

The Kinetic Sand Table product displayed at this exhibition was the final project of the students. Kinetic Sand Table was a combination of technology and art. These products brought a comfortable and relaxing experience to users with slowly moving marbles on white sand, which created many unique and diverse drawings.

Realizing the application of technology and art through the products of first-year students, the exhibition was highly appreciated by leading Arttech experts: Dr. Yi Dong Su – Vice Dean of Shool of Media Design, CTD-UEH; Dr. Nguyen Thi Uyen Uyen – Head of Product Design, Van Lang University; Ms. Vu Thi Minh Giang – CTD-UEH Institute of Innovation; Mr. Tran Kim Phong – Lecturer at Hong Bang International University and Mr. Dang Thanh Tri – Chief Engineer of OhStem.

Posters at the exhibition

Art and Technology, which seem to be two parallel lines with nothing in common, create an intersection between artistic inspiration and technological breakthrough. In a constantly changing world, the concept of ArtTech becomes a sustainable and innovative development solution. UEH is transforming strongly with the explosion of the 4.0 industrial revolution and breakthrough technologies, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh is a multidisciplinary and sustainable University with pioneering fields of design and technology, integrated with its strengths in economics, management, business, and law to fit into themarket needs and global integration trends. To create a creative playground for students that combines theory learned in specialized subjects and knowledge from all aspects of life to create unique artistic products with unique qualities. The motifs are extremely fanciful. These are considered works of art with marbles quietly and constantly creating patterns based on mathematical equations. As these projects are implemented, students have combined basic knowledge of robotics, robot design process according to the Six Sigma method, microcontroller programming and controlling motor movements, solving dynamic problems, and performance design. The kinetic sand table project is the final result of the course Introduction to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. This is the first project of students majoring in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Most of the products are designed with wood, plastic, paper, and 3D printed and controlled by an Arduino microcontroller.

In the future, the Institute of Intelligent and Interactive Technologies will continue to organize useful, applied scientific and technical activities, with priority given to students, aiming to train global citizens and use technology to solve problems in life and society.

Video about the Kinetic Sand Table product of UEH Robotics and Artificial Intelligence students

News and photos: Institute of Intelligent and Interactive Technologies, CTD-UEH


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